San Dimas, CA


Welcome to Quail Ridge Consultants!

Whether building a business or a life, our mission is to help you define and achieve personal and professional goals faster and with less struggle than would otherwise be possible.  Quail Ridge Consultants is a holistic coaching practice that is committed to helping small business owners get what they want and deserve from their lives and their work. 

We help small business owners to maximize individual, team, and organizational performance. We utilize what we know about systems, and what we know about human behavior, to plan and manage the development of small businesses into thriving, growing, healthy, organic human systems that meet the needs of all their stakeholders.

This holistic approach to Organizational Development builds upon our Business Coaching and  draws upon best practices  from the behavior sciences -- psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and other related disciplines.

Information Technology (IT) ConsultingLet our IT solutions help you build your business infrastructure without requiring a significant increase in your annual overhead cost. Information technology (IT) is a broad field that translates into savings for businesses. An effective IT solution will implement appropriate productivity software and can include custom solutions tailored to your industry or your specific company.